Completing the legal framework for implementing Asean Single Window

On 08 Sep 2015, at the headquarters of the General Department of Customs, the Prime Minister chaired the technical connection Ceremony Asean Single Window (ASW). To fully implement ASW, Vietnam has continued to complete the legal framework for the official connection ASW in the period 2016-2020.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung pressed the button to officially accounce  implementation of ASW connection.
On 04/9/2015, under the authorization of the government, Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung signed the Protocol on the legal framework of ASEAN Single Window. This is an important legal framework for Vietnam to implement ASW connection.
In 2006, the Minister of Finance of ASEAN countries, representing ASEAN countries’ Governments signed the Protocol on establishing and implementing ASW to concretize ASEAN Agreement on construction and implementation of ASW with technical guidelines and action plan to implement the ASEAN Single Window.
In the Agreement on the establishment and deployment of ASW, ASW is defined "as an environment in which the National Single Windows operate and integrate" (Clause 1, Article 1, Agreement on Construction and implementation of ASW, 12/2005).
ASEAN member countries determine National Single Window:
"National Single Window (NSW) is a system that allows:
a) Data and information is presented once;
b) Processing information and data once and simultaneously; and
c) Making decision once for the release and clearance of goods. The decision making  once is understood that  the decsision is made at a unified single point by customs authorities for the release of goods, on the basis of the decisions of the authorized ministries and sectors sent to the customs office a timely manner. " (Clause 2, Article 1, Agreement on the construction and implementation of ASW).
In Vietnam, NSW is defined "means the permission for the customs  declarants to send information, electronic documents for completion of customs procedures and procedures of state management  agencies related to exported  and imported goods through an integrated information system. State management agencies shall decide to permit the import, export and transit of goods; the customs shall decide on customs clearance, release of goods on integrated information system"(Paragraph 3, Article 4 of the Customs Law 2014).
As reported by standing Office of the National Steering Committee for NSW and ASW, to successfully deploy ASW in the coming period, Vietnam customized the contents in the Customs Law 2014 and Decree No. 08/2015/ND-CP of the Government.
Besides, the Ministries and Sectors developed  joint Circulars to guide implementation of NSW.
However, the report also showed that, in the future, a number of issues should be completed such as: creating a full legal framwork for use of electronic documents; electronic documents in administrative procedures; using services provided by third parties.
The legal framework should be created for the exchange of information and electronic documents with the regional countries and the export markets outside Asean. In particular, negotiation and input of  bilateral, multilateral treaties,  FTAs should be should be specially attended to ​​enable recognition and exchange of electronic licenses (especially in goods quality inspection), recorded at NSW Portal.
By doing that, it could facilitate most for the export of Vietnam and quality control for goods imported into Vietnam.​